Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I was in Snohomish today, somewhere I haven't been for years and don't have too much recollection of. I really fell in love with it. This town has so much charm. Very Stars Hollow-esque (if you know what I mean) I drove through the neighborhoods lined with homes built in the late 19th century, each with their own names - my favorite was "The Earl House." Soon enough I will get back and get pictures. Main street was lined with antique shops so naturally, I antique-ed. I've been in too many "antique shops" that just have a bunch of junky stuff I could find in my own closet, but the ones I saw today were legit. Anyways, it got the idea of restoring furniture and updating on my mind...(I even found the perfect shutters to do this!!)...then I came across these photos here. The thoughts in my head quickly became the theme for today.

Restoring, Updating, Renewing...whatever verb you like.

Using molding to dress up a wall is fantastic. Not only does it add that architectural detail, but creates a different way of displaying pictures. (Today I sat in a cute bakery- which probably used to be a saloon 100 years ago- I noticed a similar wainscoting affect, displayed on the ledge...real loaves of bread. Quirky)

Taking a drab door, adding a few mirrors and muntins and voila - you have a faux french door. (Today I saw a few incredibly old doors that would be perfect for this)

Annnnd cabinets, they can be tricky. I thought this was really creative though, just adding frame and mat with whatever prints you want. Plus it's something that can be easily un-done.

Images via: BHG

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