Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not a Wasted Inch of Space

Zach Motl has not wasted one inch of space in his 178 sq. ft. studio apartment in Clinton Hills, Brooklyn. His design style is the epitome of the motto, "More really is more." With an eye for design + thriftiness + handiness he has turned this space into something worth looking at!

It's an organized mess...yet functional. His bed is on hinges providing extra storage and the coffee table lifts up to dining height.

Check out the Marc Jacobs Wellington boots--just for looks!

Love that pop of red leather-- a $10 find. The turned legs on the colonial writing desk are a beautiful detail.

One night Motl decided to replace the mirrored tiles that used to cover part of the bathroom...good thing.

He uses anything and everything to create unique design elements.
Photos via: nytimes

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