Monday, March 29, 2010

Massucco Warner Miller

A dream job = Working with the fantastic design trio, Massucco Warner Miller. They do projects all over the country but they base out of L.A., San Francisco, and my very own SEATTLE! Check out this residential project in San Fran.

{The natural light in this little attic office makes it such a welcoming space. I love the textiles used - especially the pop of color from the roman shades!}
{This storage space is not only functional but beautiful. It also emphasizes the patterns of the room}
{A sophisticated, yet fun boy's room. I'm usually not a fan of these two colors, but this rustic orange and deep navy blue color combo is really eye-catching}
{Need I say anything about this one? Ok, just in case, I will point out that the built-in shelves and bed are one continuous piece. It just adds that extra element of style. I love it}
{Contemporary meets Classical}
{An inviting nook off of the master}
{It's possible that I would never leave this space if I lived here! It is so elegant with the fretwork detailing, chandelier, and crystal hardware}
{Wallpaper is something I struggle with...but this design by Osborne & Little just fits}
{The tufted headboard is beautiful. And another great color combo of gold and coral}
{There are so many unique details about this space.
- The shape of the coffee table- how the pieces fit together
- The artwork correlates nicely with the furniture (especially the delicate legs of the coffee table)
- The rug. So fun}

All images via: Massucco Warner Miller


  1. Dear Kim,

    Someday when I have money, can Austin and I pay you to design the interior of our house? THANKS! hahaha. Seriously, that would be WONDERFUL because you are incredible! Love you!


  2. Wow, you have such a great eye for details in design! I am hyperventilating (just a little bit) over the bold horizontal stripes in the boys' room and the built-in shelves/daybed. Oh my gosh. Brilliant details and thanks so much for the ideas!!


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