Thursday, January 27, 2011

Animal Print

Let's talk animals for a minute. It's no secret that spots, stripes, and fur are showing up everywhere--especially in rugs! They've been incorporated in every style from traditional to modern and eclectic. The list of images could have gone on forever. So what do you think? I really want to hear your thoughts! 


  1. Kim, I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with inspiration board No.540. In a few years I want you to design a room like that for me. :)


  2. Oh, and this last animal print photo of the kitchen is another of my favorites! I love the green walls with the cool plant up against it with the animal print rug. Love it. You're so amazing!

  3. Hi!

    I just discovered your blog and I adore it. I'm going to visit often.

    I adored the second picture: it seems genius to me to put up a huge mirror and a lot of see-through furniture. Picture 3 was also lovely and the bench there seemed more timeless to me.

    You asked for opinions about animal prints, so I'm going to give one. I like them. That said, they are a trend (possibly started at Domino, so props to them). In a few years, they will seem very dated and no one will want them anymore. They will be like bell-bottom pants, or peach interiors from the 1980s, or those sinks that sit above the cabinets that everyone likes at the moment.

    I would not invest in an expensive animal print. However, if I saw a pillow or other small detail to be had inexpensively, I'd get it, and keep it for the moment.

    My design philosophy is to shop rarely and for the long term, buying the best quality I can afford. If I had more money, I might buy trends, but I just don't see how I would want to replace all kinds of things every five to ten years.


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