Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekly Tip: DIY Chevron Pattern

I've been obsessing over the chevron pattern for probably a year so I finally decided to incorporate it into my little apartment fit for two. I chose to make my own canvas art print - chevron style.

Here's how I did it!

All you need is:

painters tape
at least one soft-bristle brush
push pins
an amazing color (or 2)
something to paint on!


#1 Print out your pattern (enough to cover the width of the surface you're painting on). This one came from Sunset.

#2 Tape the patterns together to make one big stencil. Make sure to match the lines up correctly!

#3 Using push pins, mark each point of the stencil. Push hard enough to pierce the surface you are painting without leaving huge marks. 

#4 Using painters tape, follow the trail of holes left by the push pins. I used 1" tape but you can vary the sizes of the zig-zags with different widths.

#5 The fun part comes next...add the COLOR! I used two coats of paint to make sure I got an even look. Let it dry (I left it for about an hour) then slowly remove the painters tape. 

#6 Find that perfect spot in your home, step back, and take a look. Gorgeous!

{I'm sharing this project over at The DIY Showoff & BNOTB}
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  1. LOVE everything about it. I want to have a chevron wall once I get a house. You should give us a tour of your apt!

  2. Great idea! I just grabbed your button and added it to my sidebar. Hopefully that will send some traffic your way. I'd love to have you guest post sometime- my readers really like home decor tutorials and I don't get to them super often. If you have something you'd like to share just let me know!

  3. That is fun. I would NOT have the patience to do something like that. I do admire those who can.

  4. your chevron looks awesome! I can see how you have to be so very careful with laying out the pattern. That intimidates me a bit. ;)
    You did a great job and it looks fantastic. Love the colors you chose, too.

  5. Love it and the one different colored zig-zag is excellent!

  6. That is beautiful! Nice work! I saw your post on Sew Happy Geek and am now following your blog.

    Isn't painter's tape nice for these paint projects on canvas? I used it for a different art project (http://educatorssoliloquy.blogspot.com/2011/01/artists-date-week-two-geometric.html), but I have a canvas in my supplies so I may just have to try something like this for my office! :-)

  7. Wow, you have performed well-turned creativity, the canvases you have made looking so attractive. The tutorial is looking quite easy for making, i just want to say thanks for sharing these amazing prints.

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  8. This caught my eye in your home tour section and the wheels were already turning as to how I could recreate it for a big empty wall in my basement. I love the pushpin idea! I haven't seen that yet. It's a genius way to mark out the chevron pattern. definitely doing this. Espcially love the accent color thrown in there. beautiful!


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