Monday, January 17, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Deciding On A Paint Chip

So, you've found several colors that might work. Here are a few tips before you go to town on the room! I can testify from experience that as excited as you are to get those walls covered, these few steps will make your life so much easier. Just a little patience is required!

#1 Take your paint chips home. Lighting plays a key role in what your color will look like! Sorry, but the fluorescent bulbs in the store won't give you an accurate idea of the color. Take them home and look again under the natural and warmer light in your room.

#2 Get samples first! Once you've narrowed down your color decision, grab samples of those top favorites and throw them up on the wall! Paint as big of a "test area" as you can. This will save you time and money and frustration in the long run! 

#3 Look at the test areas at different times of the day. Again, light has such a big impact on color! Make sure you love how it looks as the light changes throughout the day. Then, observe it under the artificial light in the room. Again, does it still look appealing?

#4 Compare it with the other elements of the room. Bring in those fabrics, tiles, carpets, or whatever other textiles you want to incorporate into the design. Do they compliment each other?

If you're still lovin the color, how it looks in different lighting, and the way it matches your've got a winner!

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