Thursday, February 24, 2011

Etsy Finds

Honey Pie Design is one of my new Etsy shop faves right now...look on:

Visit the shop here.

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  1. Hey Kimberly!

    I was so excited to have a comment from you. I was doing some blog searching the other usual and came upon yours and was excited to see it was you. I remember Jesse saying you were into design as well. I'm just starting out the design blog, and using it for more of a portfolio for myself and trying to put a few fun things here and there. I transfered from BYU for the time being to LDSBC in SLC and absolutely love it. The program is just a 2 years associates but the teachers are incredible and have even had some of their personal work in Architectural Digest. Good luck on your designing! -look forward to your posts everytime I get on:)



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