Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekly Tip: Hiding That Clutter

I was reading this article in BHG and it got me thinking about that ugly word...clutter. I am a big big fan of de-cluttering your house REGULARLY. There is nothing more inviting than a clean & clutter-free home. I think better, feel better, and am definitely happier! I live by the rule: If you don't use it then you don't need it! With that being said, there are going to be those items that you just have to store! Luckily there are tasteful ways to put that clutter away. 

Here are a few: 

If you have an old set of shelves that you wouldn't mind covering up, then this is perfect. 
{This image comes from Bryn Alexandra's blog. She did a TUTORIAL on how to make a skirted table--so cute}

Baskets are so versatile and can blend into any setting. They can be used for documents, linens, toys, mags, shoes, crafts...virtually anything. Add a lid and the clutter is out of sight completely. 

Ottomans are a great place to store extra blankets, games, books, magazines, etc. They're also a great alternative to a coffee table. 


---Filing Cabinets---
Believe it or not, these big metal boxes can be incorporated into a well-designed room! See for yourself...
{Talk about a quick DIY project!}

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