Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Black & White

I absolutely love white interiors--walls, curtains, furniture, accessories...bring on the white! It is so clean and crisp plus it makes ANY color you add look gooood. Then there is black. Talk about dramatic! I'm seeing it more and more and I think it is gorgeous.  It just creates that wow factor. Take a look: 

Thoughts? Are you ready to take a roller to those white walls now? 


  1. I'm drawn to darker walls, perhaps because in a newer construction home it helps give character while pale walls come off looking like the builder didn't give much attention to things...if that makes sense!! White walls, I'm convinced, look best in homes with some aged character...or very modern sleek homes. Janell

  2. Black is definitely appearing on walls more and more often these days. I'm not sure I'm buying into it personally yet, but I do like many of these photos.

  3. I love B & W interiors. I swore I'd never paint a single wall in my home black, but I bit the bullet this week and had my dining room painted in a soft black and I absolutely adore the way it turned out. (I may regret it down the road when I have to prime over all that black though!)


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