Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Dilemma

So...I was doing a little reading over at Elements of Style about her housing dilemma. Talk about a surprise! Then she shared this loft that she found while doing some house hunting. I started thinking about what type of place I would look for in this same situation.

I'm realizing more and more that I have a little dilemma. You see, I can honestly picture myself living {happily} in multiple different styles of homes. So how will I ever choose?! Luckily, both the husband and I just finishing up college = I have quite a while to think before that step happens. But a girl can dream can't she? 

Just look at this loft. I DIE! Even if you're not a loft lover you have to admit that this is just amazing. This space screams open, streamline, and clean to me -- a style I often gravitate towards. Look on...

The exposed brick and wood is so beautiful in and of itself.
Natural light is so important to me. The big windows and open space are a perfect combo to let that sun right in. 

This surprised me a little but I definitely welcome the feminine touch it adds...

When I see a loft like this I think, "Ok. Done. That is what I want." {I know the husband will be very pleased when he reads this!} 

But...then I see something like this:

Or this...
Or this...

And, well, the swooning begins. Maybe I should stick to that sophisticated chic look that I have always adored? 

Today... the loft wins. Hands down. 


  1. i LOVE the exposed brick!! love love love

  2. I LOVE that loft. Beautiful. Why couldn't you find a loft (when you guys are ready) that you add little elements/hints of luxury? Like the great faucet? If you were careful it could look amazing with that mix.


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