Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Creating A Focal Point

One of the best tricks to decorating is creating a strong focal point. It really gives a room purpose and a base on which to build the rest of the design. There are so many ways this can be achieved:

An amazing chandelier always demands attention:
Photo cred: Meg Adams & Erica George Dines
Massing a number of smaller objects creates a total statement piece: 

Bringing in textural variance provides great contrast:

A simply amazing piece of art will do the trick:

An accent wall with a bright color never fails at making a statement:

A more costly approach is creating an architectural focal point. {Is this not stunning?!}

A pop of color will inevitably lead the eye right to it:  

Changes in proportion and scale make for interesting dynamics:

The wall of sheer gray drapes is absolutely beautiful and totally caught my attention before anything else in the room:

What focal points have you created? I'd love to see! 

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