Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Lighting

Lighting can absolutely bring a room to life -- if done properly. Different lighting techniques have different functions. Here are a few of the major categories: 

Task Lighting: The name is pretty self explanatory...but task lighting is so important in spaces where attention to detail & coordination is needed. Common places where this type of lighting will make your life a whole lot easier include...

An office. 

A reading nook. 

The bathroom. Essential. 
I don't want to walk out of the house looking like a {insert ugly adjective here}.

Spaces where light gets lost. 

General/Ambient Lighting: Again...self explanatory. It provides a more uniform and even spread of light throughout the room. It is mostly needed in... 


Livings Rooms.

Great Rooms.

*Tip: If used as the only source of light, it can become monotonous, boring, and unwelcoming. 

Accent Lighting: Though not as essential as task or general lighting, it still plays a role in the aesthetics of a room. It provides a way to add drama, contrast, and emphasis on objects {art, bookcases, accent pieces, etc.}. 

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