Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekly Tip: How To Color Your World: YELLOW

Yellow is, without a doubt, a very cheerful and vibrant color. It's versatile, fun, energetic, and can really make a room pop! Though it may be a popular choice, it can be a very fussy color to deal with. Lighting can have very diverse effects on yellow. The amount of light can make this color look warm or cool, bright or sickly, etc. Also, what it's paired with makes a huge difference in the undertones that can surface. 

A few tips for using yellow: 

- To get that energy and cheeriness that yellow exudes, you don't necessarily have to paint the entire room in the color. By adding a few accessories (vases, frames, accent furniture) you can achieve just as much without the risk! 

- Muted and softer yellows are easier to work with when it comes to walls and large pieces of furniture. The brighter the hue, the more overwhelming it can feel. *Just remember that a little yellow goes a long way so be aware of the amount and intensity you are adding!

- Being a primary color, yellow is extremely versatile. Pair it with almost any color and it'll look good. 

- When including several shades of yellow, be sure to have a color (such as black or red) to tie the shades together and allow the eye to rest.  

And for your inspiration:

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