Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekly Tip: How To Color Your World: Pink

Pink is not just for the ladies! I totally believe it. True, it can make a room feel feminine to. the. max. but sorry gents this color has some serious potential. Depending on the shade and intensity, pink can create a lively and energetic space or one of serenity and relaxation.

A few tips for using pink: 
- Pink works with a TON of different colors. Some of my favorite are: gray, gold, mint, blue, white, turquoise, and yellow. By mixing pink with other colors, it takes a little bit of the femininity out. 
- Softer pinks will give the feminine vibe. Bright pinks will make a statement in the ultra-modern spaces {a bright pink accent wall in a modern white room. yes please!}. 
- Mix it with creams, golds, and whites for an elegant, even glamorous, design. 

- When using brighter pinks, think smaller spaces {like accent walls, furniture, artwork, etc.}. Too much of this amazing color can be overwhelming.

And for your inspiration:

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