Monday, May 23, 2011

Guest Post: Inside-Out Design

{ Today I'm starting a fun little series. I'm realizing more and more how many talented bloggers there are out there - so all week I'll be introducing a few to you! These individuals all stood out to me because of their eye for design, original blog content, and creativity.

Today Brooke from Inside-Out Design is guesting with a fantastic little DIY project! }

Hi, I'm so excited to be taking part in Kimberly's new series! Today I'm going to write some ideas for making your own vase or bowl fillers- aka "deco balls".

I think it's safe to say that pretty much every store that carries decor items for your home carries these,  and they vary in price from the very inexpensive to the make-you-choke-when-you-glance-at-the-price-per-ball pricing.

But you don't need to shell out much money at all if you make your own. It all starts with a bag of styrofoam balls, in what ever sizing you desire. (-Remember that depending on what you cover them with they'll end up larger than their original size.) You can find these in a lot of stores; I've always bought mine from Walmart.

Then, depending on what you're wanting to do with them, you'll either need hot glue or Mod Podge as an adhesive.

A few ideas for covering the styrofoam balls using...

Hot Glue:



Dried beans or seeds


Small twigs


Mod Podge:

Book pages



Sheet music

 Abstract kid's art 

Wrapping paper


and my most recent idea, inspired by a friend:

I hope this gave you some fun ideas! Thanks so much Kimberly for letting me leave a little piece of myself on your cute blog! :)

{I'm sharing a few thoughts on design as well!}  


  1. Deco balls are such an easy, inexpensive and cute way to decorate, and I love all the options you give here! I especially like the one about covering them with sand! Just this morning I was standing in my kitchen thinking how cute it'd be to put a big wide glass vase on the floor but I couldn't think of what to fill it with; I want to do something different than just flowers. Ta-da! Thank you!!

  2. So many great ideas. My favorite one is the one covered with jute.



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