Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guest Post: Six Twelve Place

{Today Lesley from six twelve place is guesting! She'll be talking about finding a balance in design that can be difficult to do so read on!

I'm so happy to be here with you at Third Floor Design Studio!  On most days you can find me at six twelve place posting about whatever strikes my fancy.

Things you should know:

1.  I currently live in Texas  

2.  I'm moving to Chicago in 1 month!!!  

3.  When I get there, my current boyfriend will become my live-in boyfriend.  {Other than the fact that he leaves water all over the bathroom sink, this is very exciting!}

4. 99% of the pieces I own are girly to the max and he has the standard bachelor leather couch...

With #4 being said, I've been thinking of a few ways to combine both of our current pieces into a space that will work aesthetically and feel at home for both of us. Since Third Floor Design Studio is a design blog after all, this is the perfect place to share my tips for combining masculine and feminine pieces in your living space.    

Tip 1: Achieve balance.  Masculine pieces have straight edges and lines.  Feminine pieces are round.  Try to maintain a balance of both types of pieces.

Tip 2: Soften hard pieces and harden soft pieces {I know that is very technical speak.}  For example, if you have something soft like a floral sofa then you can pair it with leather side chairs to bring a bit of a harder edge.  

Tip 3: Keep the color scheme gender neutral.  The master bedroom of supermodel, Cindy Crawford, shown below combines both neutral dark woods and creams, but also includes a very pale soft shade of blue-green to incorporate more color but without getting too feminine.  

If you have any other tips for combining spaces with your significant other I would love to hear them!  A big thank you to Kimberly for letting me steal your blog for the day :)

{And thank you to Lesley for sharing your wisdom! In light of her big move, I am sharing my ideas on creative storage over at six twelve place so be sure to check it out!!}


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