Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Tip: How To Color Your World: Blue

I love the color blue. It has an amazing ability to put the mind and soul at ease. It welcomes a slower pace of life and can add just the right touch of whim. Being a primary color, it can be paired with almost anything. It has a light and airy feel which is perfect for a Spring setting. On the other hand, blue can be vibrant and fun if paired with the right colors and in the right tones. (Blue & orange is one of my FAVORITE lively -- watch for this color combo in the images below. So fun!)

A few tips for using blue:

- Lighter shades that have gray undertones work well if you're creating the whimsical feel.

- For a more elegant and impressive look, deeper blues will be far more appropriate. 

- If decorating an entire room {say painting every wall} in blue, opt for a lighter shade. It will help to open up the room as opposed to bringing the walls in.

 - Being reminiscent of water, blue works really well in bathrooms.

- A combination of blues, greens, and yellows will create a cheerful lively setting. This color palette works well all year long too!

And for your inspiration:

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