Monday, May 9, 2011

Tuesday Tip: How To Color Your World: Green

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Green is a very rejuvenating color. Being symbolic of nature, this color has the ability to evoke a sense of renewal and growth. It can be soothing or energetic. The spectrum called green is so broad -- from deep rich emerald to muted pastel hues. It is a color that seems to remain en vogue year after year.

A few tips for using green:

-  Nature is your best resource when looking for inspiration.

- The easiest way to add green without the commitment is by adding plants and flowers as accents. Succulents, Chrysanthemums, Bamboo, and Bells of Ireland will never disappoint. It is easy to get carried away -- a living room is not a patio! Just keep that in mind.

- Green and red can elicit Christmas memories, but changing the tones slightly will ease the worry that your room looks like it is decorated for the holidays all year round. {Maybe I wouldn't mind so much considering I LOVE Christmas!}

- Green looks goooood in pattern. Think about adding accent pillows or even reupholstering a piece of furniture in a green trellis, chevron, or ikat pattern. Ah. Gorgeous.

And for your inspiration:


  1. Oh my gosh Kim! You are so stinkin cute. I just found your blog and I love it! I want your eye for design! Hope your doing great!

  2. That first picture is SO beautiful! I want that to be my bathroom!

  3. Love those green cabinets in that kitchen! Fab!


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