Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Tip: How To Color Your World: Orange

I don't think it gets much brighter or warmer than orange. I don't think I would consider it one of those "go-to" colors in design but it adds so much life to any space. Whether it's in big quantities or little accents, it's a hard one to miss. Finding the right shade can be tricky {amber? burnt orange? rust? pumpkin? headache?!} but the results can be statement central.

A few tips for using orange:

- You are always safer with deeper shades. They're easier to match and definitely easier on the eyes. They look especially dramatic when paired with darker woods.

- That doesn't mean you can't play with the lighter shades! Just consider smaller doses when going that route. {Creamier oranges look fantastic in light and airy spaces}.

- Orange is a great color choice for family rooms and dining rooms where the atmosphere is supposed to be warm, inviting, and energetic. It can be a challenging color in the bedroom because, according to color theorists, it doesn't create a restful environment and may just ruin that beauty sleep! I'm serious though!

- One of the BEST combos is orange and turquoise. It creates that balance of warm and cool...and it's just fun!

- If you live in a colder climate, this is a fabulous color choice. Being from the NW where it's cloudy and gray 75% of the time, it makes a difference to have bright warm colors to combat the dreariness. {I still love my NW summers though!!}

And for your inspiration:


  1. That first bedroom is to die for- love it!! I've been thinking of adding either orange or bright yellow to my living room- you're pushing me towards the orange!

  2. I have the orange in the 9th photograph in one of my bedrooms!

  3. I want to add a little orange to my bedroom, I like it as an accent color with turqoise, love all of these spaces!enjoying ur blog :)

  4. Orange is such a cool color! It's so funky, but you can definitely make it look elegant and/or cute. I don't use much of it. This post makes me want to change that! Your blog is amazing by the way :)

  5. I adore orange! Those pictures are divine...I love the last one especially.

  6. I have a big time crush on orange right now. I love it with navy. So striking.


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