Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Design & Dessert

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Last night I held a little activity in my apartment for a group of women from my church. The activity planners had asked me to talk about how to decorate on a budget. It was so fun to share the little I know about design! We chatted about everything from tips on how to hang pictures to DIY crafts. Some of the girls brought DIY projects they'd done -- I loved seeing all of the creativity!

No activity is complete without a little somethin' yummy. Another girl from the group made this AMAZING trifle. I had to make sure the presentation met up to the goodness. Since we were talking about designing on a budget, I made sure the table decor fit that bill too. So, I used a table runner I got when we were in Paris, glassware that you can pick up at IKEA for like $2 a piece, feathers that were half off at Hobby Lobby, and the green vase filler that was like $1.50 at Hobby Lobby too. Super inexpensive but made for a pretty table!

It all looked so cute! Thanks to Shelby again for making the trifle & all the girls for bringing their creativity! :)

BTW, my little abode is oh so close to being done! {ok I'll never be "done" decorating...} but that new Home Tour button won't be bare much longer. 


  1. I love your blog and this post. So beautiful! Would love for you to link up at my party HERE if you get a chance! Have a great Thursday!

  2. I love that you used a bunch of stuff you already had. When people are decorating on a tight budget, it's key to consider what you already have that could be made to be more decorative!

  3. Mmm I love trifle! Dropping by from Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop. I am now following you and would love a follow back!


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