Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Feature: Living on the Chic

{Today I'm Featuring an amazing DIY project from Trissta over at Living on the Chic! It's a Pin Tucked Duvet Cover and it turned out gorgeous. I'll let her tell you the rest!}

Hi! I'm Trissta of Living on the Chic; a small blog about living chicly, yet cheaply. I'm a college student, starting my Master's in Interior Design this fall. I started Living on the Chic because I am an avid penny pincher and live on almost nothing, yet I have the most passionate thirst for design and creating comfortable, usable, beautiful spaces. My adventures have gone from salvage yards to thrift stores, and I always manage to save a buck whenever possible. One of my first DIY projects I ever completed was a simple Pin Tucked Duvet Cover. It will forever go down in history as one of the most impressive, simplest DIY's I've ever done. So, I decided to share it, with the hopes of inspiring some of you lovely readers to get out those plain sheets and get to tucking! 

Now, the story behind this DIY goes a little like this.... It was New Years. Time for new things, right? Well, I made an impulse buy of a beautiful Paisley Duvet Cover at TJ Maxx for my New Years present to myself. I brought home my treasure, dropped everything and put it on my comforter. After admiring my bed for about a day, I slowly started to realize that I had purchased something that I had not budgeted for, spent too much money on ($40 is a LOT of money to me), and, of all things, that I could easily make myself. So, sadly, I returned my beautiful Paisley duvet and started researching on the internet. I found myself drawn to the Pin-Tucked style of Anthropologie's Kissing Pleat duvet

The price for this one was even more way out of my budget, and this style is no longer available through Anthropologie. So I found several more options. West Elm has a similar style, in organic cotton, for a smaller price ($99), but it was still out of my budget.

I also found that Target carries a line called 'Kissing Pleat" for $70-$80 and Wal-Mart's Better Homes and Gardens line has a pleated comforter in-stores, or at least the one by me, for about $60-$80. While perusing the internet for my spoils, I remembered a friend of mine mentioning that she would make her own covers from two flat sheets sewn together. I started looking for cute sheets that would go with my existing bedroom decor... but never found any single sheets for under $20.

So, using my genius brain (actually, I think it was more like dumb luck), I managed to stumble upon a pair of quality flat white sheets at my local thrift store. Yep. A thrift store. May sound a little shady or sketchy, but in the end, I brought them home, threw them in the washer in HOT water and extra bleach and they came out perfect. 

After I washed them and ironed them (yes, I am a bit of a perfectionist) I set about the pin tucking. Here's the process I took (the second time around, actually. I did the pin tucks by hand the first time I did this project. I would highly suggest the sewing machine method. If you do want to do them by hand, you can find the instructions on my original post.)

In this method it's quite easy to get out of your pattern, so I'd suggest marking out where you want your tucks to be with colored chalk (it'll come out in the wash). After you mark them, pinch your sheet (hehe that sounded funny!) where you would like your pin-tuck to be. 

I laid out all of mine and safety pinned them (instead of chalk, I really didn't think about that until after I was done), just so it was easier to do them with the sewing machine. 

Then twist it, like so, so when you sew it, it'll pucker itself into a gorgeous little kisser.

Then, sew the tip of the sheet, so it stays permanently twisted. The deeper into the sheet you sew it, the more it will pucker and the fluffier it will be. I bought a King size sheet the second time around, just so I could experiment with how deep my puckers would be, but really, you could use just a sheet the same size as your duvet or comforter and do shallow tucks and be fine. 

It should come out looking like this. 

Or this. I back-stitched mine quite a few times, just to make sure it was sturdy and wouldn't come out in the wash, as a few of my hand ones did on the last cover.

When you lay it flat, the sheet will look like this. Make sure that you like how it folds, if not, simply run it through the machine again and do it a little deeper.

Here's what it should look like as you start doing more of the pin-tucks. The closer the spacing, the more your sheet is going to pucker.

Here's what my second one looked like when it was almost done. Even laying down, it was pretty gorgeous!! 

This is what my first one looked like. Really straight and orderly. And took about triple the amount of time to finish.

After completing my grid of pin-tucks, I simply used my sewing machine to sew the two sheets together, leaving an opening at the bottom, so I could get my comforter inside it. I used a straight stitch, since I am a novice seamstress. Remember to sew the sheets facing in (So when you flip it inside out to put the comforter in, the finished side is on the outside). Made that mistake... and had to pull it apart and sew that side again. After sewing them together, I put it on my comforter... and VOILA! Finished product!

Total time: 2 hours  Money Spent: $12 (because I thrifted brand-new white flat sheets YAY!)


  1. THIS IS AMAZING. Just yesterday I was looking at West Elm's pintuck duvet cover (even at the outlet store) and I decided it was more than I wanted to spend. I am just so, so excited that you posted this (it makes me even more perfect that you used thrifted sheets). I am doing this.

  2. That's really cute. And it's white. Something about white blankets speak to me. It looks comfier than other colors lol. I might've missed how long the sewing machine method took? I just got home from work so my eyes are a little sore :(

  3. Wow! This is beautiful! I am EXTREMELY impressed! :)

    Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies


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