Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekly Tip: Living In Small Spaces

It's a challenge to decorate in small spaces. But these homeowners have done it...and done it well. Take a look -- both are under 600 square feet!

Images via Here

They've both achieved such unique & personal looks in limited spaces.

Images via Here

A few tips to learn from these homes: 
1. Light and bright - Most of thee furniture & colors used are light. It'll help to open up the space.
2. Forget heavy furniture - Always go with light & airy pieces. 
3. Natural light - Let as much of that sun come in! 
4. Design is in the details - Focus your attention on the little things like accessories, gallery walls, bookcases, lighting, etc. 


  1. Hi! I'm just following you over form Kirsten's blog. Love blog and your house tour ;)

  2. Hi there! Found you from 6th street design school ad your blog is one of my new favorites!!! Looking forward to reading more awesome posts!



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