Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Truth in Quotations

My tip comes in the form of a quote this week. I think it rings absolute truth. 

“A house has to evolve and change.”—Furniture designer Julian Chichester

Simple as that. I think this idea could make some people a little uncomfortable. I think many are of the opinion that you need to pick one style and stick with it forever. Others may read this and think it means doing a complete 180 on your style and the ensuing costs that would follow. Some probably relate this to trends that come and go before we even realize they happened. 

Here's my take on it. When we first moved into our little apartment, I didn't have a clue what my style was. I didn't. It was a great topic of discussion with my husband as I wanted to create a space we could both enjoy. I started heading down one path but pretty quickly realized it wasn't the right direction. I didn't feel happy in the space. It didn't feel inviting. It just wasn't right. So I did a 180. I didn't lose a ton of money on it because it didn't take long into the design process to realize that it wasn't right. This is the case 90% of the time! I spent time just kind of observing what I naturally gravitated towards -- what styles I blogged about most, what I was pinning, saving, bookmarking, etc. So I headed down a new direction and haven't looked back. Along the way, the style has evolved even more -- but only in the small details and not the big picture. These little changes have only made the design even better and more personal. And for the record, the husband is happy with it too--he even tolerates the pink. He's a keeper. 

More importantly, however, a house has to {and should} evolve with the people who live in it. In this little family we have, the husband and I, our lives change daily and we are constantly understanding who we are more fully. Right now as newlyweds this little home is serving its purpose of helping us start out on this amazing journey. Recently we've worked to make it a place inviting for friends and family. Eventually {eventually} kids will be in the picture and our home will change once again {Let's HOPE we've moved into a bigger place by then!! Just had a mini panic attack... no big.}

Um ok. So now that I've rambled I guess my point is: embrace that change!! I think once people realize this it makes decorating that much easier. Really. 

And here's a little eye candy. I'm lovin these rooms right now!


  1. I love this quote and it couldn't come at a more perfect time. My daughter will be 1 at the end of the month and the functionality of our home has changed quite a bit. I've wanted to make some design changes but I'm also keeping in mind our growing family (and how small our home is). But I'm making design decisions for US and know that they will evolve over time. Thanks for the great quote/tip!

  2. I agree with HollyG. It's a great quote. I defiantly think that as a family grows change needs to happen but it doesn't have to happen overnight. It can definitely be a slower evolution. It's more fun overnight but it's not on everyone's budget.

    I think the three middle rooms are my favorite. They look like great places to relax with friends.


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