Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Feature: Scarlett, Called Scout

Today I'm post swapping with Sam of Scarlett, Called Scout. I LOVE her blog. She is a brilliant writer -- and very real. 

Sam and I met through some mutual friends in college. We both have a serious love for blogging & a slight obsession with Pinterest. We decided to base our posts off of the same topic. Sam found this book and it became thought provoking for the both of us. The title of the book is "A perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life." I think it's a very appropriate subject considering how often I find myself {we all find our selves} just wishing our homes looked spotless and perfect like they do in the mags. So here we are sharing our thoughts on the subject...

Take it away, Sam! 

Space to Live

When I was a teenager, I would babysit for families in my neighborhood. The houses
they lived in were, in my view, interior wonderlands. After I put the kids to bed, I’d
wander through rooms and drool.

They’d all hired decorators. And each house was filled with catalog-quality scenes —
custom upholstery and painting and complimentary furniture pieces in the latest
styles. Every vase and frame and pillow was placed with professional perfection and
then maintained with professional perfection. They were the kind of houses where
you felt like you couldn’t touch anything, because if you did, it might vanish (POOF!)
from your little decorating dream world.

I would come home and hint to my mother about how much our décor was lacking.
She took no offense. She would just smile and shake her head and say, “Our house
looks lived-in. I like it that way.”

She was right. Unlike my babysitting clients’ homes, our home looked like people
lived there. Those other houses were amazing, yes, but there was something sterile
about them. In ours, there was proof of life everywhere — dishes in the sink,
unmade beds, a table that wasn’t set to the nines with gorgeous linens and china at
all times. There were kids’ art projects taped to the cupboards and storybooks and
toys littering the floor. There were pretty little signs of life everywhere you turned.

When I saw this book — “A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life” —
I immediately thought of my mother. Our house was never a disaster. It was rarely
really dirty in a serious way. But it was “lived-in” — people lived there — and she
was proud of those people and that life.

Do I still long to hire a professional decorator? Daily. Do I still drool at the sight of
perfect rooms? All the dang time. But I want my house, the grown-up house of my
own I’ve been dreaming about, to embrace the beauty of “lived-in” style as well. If it
didn’t, it wouldn’t feel like home.

Thanks Sam for posting today! Be sure to check out her blog and my thoughts here -- Scarlett, Called Scout! 

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