Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekly Tip: Fall Wreath Rosettes

Over the weekend I may or may not have gotten a little crafty too. I decided the first piece of Fall decor should be on the first thing you see...our front door! {I'm secretly hoping the wreath detracts from the ugliness of our apartment stock door...}

I figured I might as well share the tutorial. If I knew who came up with it originally I'd give them due credit, but since it's all over the place, I figure it's fair game! So in case you haven't seen this simple idea yet, you're in luck! 

- A wood/wicker wreath
- 6-10 pieces of felt {depends on how many rosettes you want}
- Hot glue gun
- Scissors

1. Cut a square out of one of your felt pieces. It doesn't need to be an exact square. A rough 4"x4" worked for me. Draw a swirly line. Again doesn't need to be perfect--the variation will actually help!

2. Cut along the line and trim off any excess.

3. Starting on the outside rolling towards the center. At first, roll it tight.

4. After a few tight rolls losen up your grip as you continue to roll.

5. Continue rolling in kind of a "wavy" pattern. You don't want the rosette to be completely symmetrical.
This is what the bottom will look like. As you can see, it's not totally perfect or symmetrical. Some layers are higher/lower than others.

6. The last curl will act as a plate or base for the rosette. Add a layer of hot glue to it before laying it down.

7. I played around with the pattern I wanted the rosettes to be in before I came up with this -- then I hot glued them down to the wreath! Done. Easy.

It doesn't even COMPARE to some I've seen... but I'm still proud of it! What Fall crafts have you been up to?


  1. Kim, I LOVE the wreath! I am in the process of making one myself, but with different looking fabric flowers. Hurrah!

  2. Aren't rosette wreaths so much fun?
    Your wreath looks beautiful. I love the simplicity!
    Please check mine out at



  3. I love this idea and the colors you used! I love a beautiful and easy DIY project! This week, I am spray painting pumpkins and adding stripes and polka dots to them. The plan is to stack them small to large to resemble a topiary!

  4. This is one of the only wreaths I've ever seen that I actually LOVE. Fantastic, for real! Pinning it for inspiration!

  5. Love it! Where did you buy the wicker wreath?


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