Monday, November 28, 2011

My Future Beach House...

We had a great time with family in Florida! The 75 degree weather wasn't half bad either. We were in the Northern part of the state which is fun because you get a mix of the gorgeous Southern antebellum homes with the coastal beach homes that are oh so charming.

Thus I've been on an 'all-things-beach' kick...

I found this beach house in Atlanta Homes Mag. It is to die for! I love the rustic charm that screams from every corner. It's casual yet sophisticated. A place to just go and leave all your cares behind.

Then I got to thinking about what I will put in my beach house one day. A girl can dream a little right?!

My top three necessities would be...

1. Stripes: lots of stripes.

I'll take the dog too...

Source: via jk on Pinterest

2. Wood: especially driftwood. Cliche? Probably. Who cares.

Source: via Ryan on Pinterest

3. White: I'll let the beautiful blue sea outside my windows do the talking...

4. Jute: Right?

Source: via Greta on Pinterest


  1. I hope you get your beach house one day! I would love one myself.. & a cabin!

  2. There is definitely something about being near water that just makes my heartbeat slow down ............thanks for sharing these beautiful pics.

  3. love the wood pieces!! who cares if it might be a cliche! if we love it!

  4. The bedroom left me breathless! I can also see myself living in a small but blissful beach houses like this. So what are your plans now? Have you decided to move into a beach house? =)

  5. “A girl can dream a little right?” – Totally! I would also love to set up my own beach house where I can spend peaceful days walking on the sand, and watching the waves roll on the sea! That would be the ultimate dream! Anyways, the designs you just picked are very lovely! The blue stripes design matched the rustic element in the designs and the dining room is exquisite!


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