Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weekly Tip: Decorating for the Holidays...On a Budget!

Ok maaaaybe you're getting sick of me talk about the Holidays but...

B) October, November, and December give us decorators a chance to have an excuse to go a little crazy!

With that said, it's just not worth it to break the bank trying to decorate! Here are a few simple tips I've found to be helpful:

1. Use what you already have. Dig through that craft box you have tucked away -- you might be surprised by what you forgot you have! I've collected all sorts of fabric scraps, craft paper, ribbon, sparkles, etc. that I'm positive I would have gone out and bought AGAIN had I not thought to look through my boxes of goods first!

{Nicole over at Me Oh My came up with 3 DIY projects for Halloween using stuff she already had laying around! Go check them out HERE and maybe get inspired for the upcoming holidays!}

2. Hit the post-holiday sales. We're talking like 50%-75% off people! Keep your eye out even a few days before the holiday hits. Usually they've already put the sale signs up! Score. You're already set for next year! 

3. Get a little crafty. Pin a few ideas on Pinterest {not 100 like me...} and try them out! Here's what's on my mind lately...

Source: ffffound.com via Emily on Pinterest

What tips do you have for decorating for the holidays?!

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