Monday, January 2, 2012

1st Blog Post of 2012

I was a little worried about what my "first post of 2012" would be. I felt a lot of pressure for it to be something spectacular. Whether this is amazing or not, I wanted to share my new addition with you! It's the print I won from a Design Milk giveaway. I got to choose from way too many beautiful prints at L'affiche Moderne but finally decided on this one for several reasons -- it's colorful, unique, and the meaning behind it really stuck with me. 

This "series is a typographic interpretation of two poems quoted from the original zen classic, The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch, that dates back almost to 1500 years ago. The poems teach us not to believe all that which exists, not even the reflection of ourselves in a mirror. We have to learn to overcome the rules and boundaries of our existence in order to reach a state of Zen, unfettered by the perceived limitations of life."

So here is to 2012 -- a new year, with new goals, and new opportunities to reach beyond what we think we can do. 


  1. I love the print and it looks great on your shelf. :)

  2. Looks great on top of your Expedit! Happy New Year!


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