Monday, February 13, 2012


In the process of looking for a chandelier for a client I came up with these for some inspiration. They're so unique and create a gorgeous focal point for the space! Would you be daring enough to incorporate a less-than-traditional chandelier into your home?


  1. Absolutely! I would so love to have the turquoise chandy in pic #2 and the rope wrapped shades in your first example just gave me an idea for a light fixture I was growing tired of. Ironically, I just posted about a hack I'm working on for a ceiling fan light and it certainly is "less-than-traditional" ... would love your opinion!


  2. Lighting can make the room. Great finds.

  3. I love that drapey white Apartment Therapy one!

  4. Um you are amazing. Please decorate my apartment? Haha. Seriously though I love all your ideas! How fun! I am in love with the turquoise chandelier.


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