Monday, February 20, 2012

Modern A-Frame

I think decorating a truly minimalistic home can be the most challenging because every piece of furniture matters...not even a pencil goes un-noticed. I came upon this house here and was so impressed. The architecture is simple but bold; adding too many details by way of decor would just be a shame!

The occupants of this beauty did it right. 
Not too much but not too little. 

-- images via Apartment Therapy
-- photographed by Leela Cyd 


  1. I love how clean the spaces are!

  2. I love how the front is all glass!
    btw that project you posted on Friday- I did it this weekend! I linked to you in my post- I'm so glad you showed that cause it's so cute!! I'm going to steal all my kids' plastic animals and paint them now!! lol


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