Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekly Tip: Functional Bedside Tables

If space is an issue, here is one easy way to not only add storage but double up on the functionality of a room. 

Instead of a traditional nightstand, opt for a small writing desk. 

I love this idea for a guest room. It gives both you and your guest a little more drawer space and if your guest needs to work they have a place of their own to do so. 

Would you rather have a traditional nightstand or do you like the idea of a writing desk? 


  1. I moved my parson style writing desk to the guest room just last week to serve as the nightstand, tucked under a window next to the bed. Great multipurpose space: snack center, laptop area, dressing table, etc. I hadn't thought of a wall mounted lamp between the bed and table as several of your pics show; good idea! Keeping my eye open for an inexpensive option :) Thanks for posting this.


  2. Good idea! All of these look great!


  3. I'd rather have a traditional nightstand, but I love these writing desks. :)

  4. These are beautiful. I personally like the idea of a traditional nightstand but I also have a writing desk that I moved into a separate room that's serving as a "walk-in" closet. Thanks for sharing- very inspiring x


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