Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekly Tip: Reaching Out to Bloggers

Am I aware that I am posting my Tuesday Tip on a Wednesday? Yes. Am I sorry? No! Tell you why in a sec.

Take a look at what's happening tonight...

Sounds fun right?

Here's the thing. This girl here is pretty shy. The thought of putting myself in a room with so many talented designers and bloggers is super intimidating! But you know what...getting yourself out there and making friends with other bloggers, designers, and artists is the best thing you can do! By taking a chance and getting my little shy self out from behind my beloved Mac, I've found some incredible friends and mentors. I definitely wouldn't be where I am today without the advice and encouragement from this community of artists.

You don't even have to live in Utah to make this happen! Reach out to the fellow artists in your area! You'll undoubtedly be inspired and make lasting friends while you're at it.

If you ARE in Utah, check out the meet-n-greet tonight.
Oh, and come chat with me! I'll probably be the awkward girl in the corner...


  1. This sounds like an awesome experience. I'm a new blogger and this kind of connection with others sounds inspiring!

  2. Wow sounds great! Im going to be in Utah on a family vacation in August. I hope there is another one of these then so I can come :)

  3. Cool! I wish I could go, but I'm aaaaallllllllllll the way in Salt Lake! If I went I would be 100x more awkward than you. :) Have fun!!!

  4. Oh my can I relate! I love your advice about getting out there. Its one of my goals for 2012! Hope it went well!


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