Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekly Tip: DIY Doily Chandelier

I'm not the first {and won't be the last} to post a tutorial on doily chandeliers but this is what I did! 

- 3 quilting rings of different sizes {my largest ring was 10"}
- 2 packs 6" doilies
- 1 pack 4"doilies
- 2 things of craft thread

I only used the inner part of the quilting ring. So technically you could make two of these chandeliers for the price of one {if you're ok with the metal tighteners showing -- I bet there's some way to hide those but I drew a blank so I just used the inner ring}.

I decided how I long I wanted the chandelier to hang, tied 4 separate strings to the top ring, tied them together and fastened it to our ceiling light so it would be easier to work on.

On the top and middle ring, I tied an X across the ring and made sure it was tight. From this X I would be hanging the next ring.

I tied 4 different strings to the next ring below, brought them together and tied THEM in a knot THEN used the excess from that knot to tie it to the X on the ring above. I found this way to be much easier, and more level, than tying the 4 different strings individually to the ring above. I hope that makes sense...

I didn't have any sort of pattern or length for the doilies for the first two tiers. I did a variation of doilies that were: small, large, small/ large, large, large/ small, small, large/ and large, small, large. I would tie a doily on the bottom of the thread, then weave the next doily through the lacy pattern of the doily.

I played around with the lengths for each tier to get a general idea of how long the strands needed to be. I tried to strategically cut the threads long enough and place the doilies in the right places so the rings could be hidden. 

After threading the doilies attaching them on to the rings, I realized that the doilies slid down the strings. To keep them in place I added a very small dab of hot glue on the doily letting it seep through the lacy pattern and onto the thread to secure it in place. 

For the bottom ring, I attached threads with small doilies only. Again, I just tied them to the doily and then to the ring.

I had a few small doilies left over so I simply folded them over the very top ring to hide the knots of the threads a little better. I need to straighten and glue mine down in place but they added that finished touch that the top needed.

Hope this helps!
I'd love to see what doily creations you've come up with too!


  1. I absolutely love this! Must file away! So sweet for a nursery or even a wedding! Thanks for sharing!

  2. There is no reason in the world this could not be a light. I watched a DIY program on Cable TV and a guy made a kids play room hanging lamp (jelly fish) from coffee filters and used low watt LED/LCD Light bulb for it. Was plenty bright enough for the boys basement "SeaWorld" Playroom. I love this. Maybe spritzed with ink spray, to coordinate. Cute,Cute & Thx.

  3. It must be past my bed time. I wrote my comment &promptly made it simply disappear. Terrific right? I was merely going to add that I think your idea is adorable and would also be sweet lighted with LED/ LCD bulbs for safety. Having seen this idea on a CABLE TV Basement Kids Marine look Playroom MakeOver. The hanging lamp was made of coffee filters attached backs like a honeycomb, then a wash, lighted, VOILA- JELLYFISH HANGING LIGHT. I am making your lamp for my room. Lighted, calming lavender and thanks so much. I've thought long what to place where I read. Andi/Bountiful, Utah


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