Thursday, April 12, 2012

Creating a Sweet Escape on Studio 5

Here's the segment from this morning! Enjoy!

Life gets unbelievably busy around this time of year. So, until you can get away to Paris or Bora Bora, being able to escape from all of the stress will be an absolute necessity!

Three elements that are key in making your master bedroom a sweet escape are:

One: Color
Below are several examples of general color palettes that would make the master a sweet escape in no time.

Two: Lighting

Here are the links to find a few of my favorite lighting sources that are perfect for a sweet escape. 

Three: Texture
These are a few items to add to your sweet escape that will incorporate much needed cozy texture. 

{Target $19.99}

Be sure to watch the segment and learn where and how to use these three elements!
I'll be posting it later for those who missed it.


  1. Love your tips! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Kim this is so cool! Way to go! You are darling!


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