Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekly Tip: A Few Great Resources for Party Supplies

A lot of what I used for the baby shower is self explanatory but I thought I'd share a few resources that were helpful.

Bakers Twine: this can be super expensive in the stores so try looking online here.  
Envelopes: I found mine locally but found these for a great deal. 

Mason Jars: I didn't have a good enough collection so I went on Amazon and found tons!
Striped Straws: These are hard to find locally but I found several shops on Etsy including this one that had had them at a great price.
Chevron Fabric: Fabric.com -- one of my faves! 
Linen & Burlap: JoAnns  but Home Fabrics has a great selection of linen
Paper Garland: Hobby Lobby has a great selection of craft paper 
Woodland Creatures: My little woodland creatures came from the local dollar store! A coat of spray paint and they were good to go. 
Printed Napkins: Target. I am LOVING the selection of party supplies at Target right now. Darling! 


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