Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday Tip: How to Keep Your Sanity While Moving

Ok, I said this week would be all about Easter but I thought this Tuesday Tip could be worth while. I didn't totally forget Easter though! Read on!

I'm being too dramatic, this move really isn't that awful. We're moving the contents of a 600 square foot apartment 40 minutes down the road. Regardless, moving in general is just unpleasant. Being the organizers that we are, we've been thinking about our "plan of attack" for weeks. I've learned a few things that might help if you're facing a move soon.

1. Reduce: If the move is a ways out, start going through every drawer and closet. Be generous to the "donation" and "trash" bins. The less you have to move the easier...obviously. Doing this also gives you time to organize.

2. Start early: If you can, start packing that drawer that isn't accessed very often or the seasonal items that won't be needed for several months. If it can be done over a few weeks then it won't seem so overwhelming.

3. Pack by room: Start with one room and don't move on until you've finished that room. This will help to keep your belongings compartmentalized which will in turn make UN-packing them much easier.

4. Label: I haven't been as good about this one and I'm already feeling the effects. Label, label, label. We've had to dig out a few items over the last week for odd reasons {it's inevitable}, and it's left us staring at the mountain of boxes asking, "which box was that in again?" Fail.

5. Clean as you go. Once you empty a drawer, clean it out. By the time you're finished packing you'll also be halfway finished with the cleaning.

Aren't these Easter Egg Popcorn Balls adorable? So simple. I'm sure they could easily be done with rice krispies too. 


  1. I love your tips. Right before our last move, I spent so much time trying to sort through and reduce our belongings as much as possible. It can still be overwhelming though! I love those popcorn Easter eggs; I'm so excited about Easter. :)

  2. Great tips! We are moving at the end of the month and I am really dreading all the packing and unpacking. No fun!


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