Thursday, May 10, 2012

Creative Collaboration

Every month there are some amazing people that put together creative collaborations down in Provo. I've only been able to make it to a couple but every time I walk away with a renewed sense that I am doing what I love. Being creative is such a vital part of me -- and brings a sense of completeness to me.

Tonight we got to hear from Mindy Gledhill! It was so fun to listen to her talk about her journey as an artist and a musician. She had so many amazing things to say {as well as many of the other artists in the room}. I want to share a few things we discussed that really hit home.

- Identify what your limitations are and turn them into advantages. Often, these limitations are what will guide you, push you, and give you a new perspective on what you create.

- Rejoice in other's creativity. Rejoice in other's success. Rejoice when someone gets a bazillion new followers. Continue doing what you love because, ultimately, that's what matters. The numbers will just be numbers in the end.

- She shared this quote by Thomas Moore, "Anxiety is nothing but fear inspired by an imagined future collapse." This rang so true with me. I've often wondered what opportunities I've missed out on because of fear of the unknown. As an artist/designer/creator {whatever I am}, what matters is that I just create what is beautiful to me and not worry what others may think. Own your work. Be proud of it. And share it!

Ah, I'd love to share more but it's midnight and I haven't started packing for a flight I catch in the a.m. Yikes.

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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