Tuesday, May 22, 2012

InstaLove from the Weekend

Can you tell yet that I love Instagram? With school out of the way, my husband and I are trying to forget our To-Do lists and get out more. With the weather warming up, like 90 degrees up, we're taking advantage of the great outdoors -- Utah style. 

{horizontal fail but the drive up the canyon was gorgeous}

 {we spontaneously headed a few hours south to watch the solar eclipse. why not right?}

{my guy grabbed these awesome shots}

-- photos property of Third Floor Design Studio

I came across this blog that offers tons of suggestions for places to eat and things to do in SLC. Being the sugar connoisseur that I am, I knew the Sweets Candy Factory tour was our first stop. I was in heaven.  

-- photos via here

I was happy to see this post on Effortless Style yesterday. Notice anything familiar?! :)
I read that blog daily. Love it! 


  1. How fun! We are heading to Park City this summer and I need suggestions of fun thigs to do in Utah.

  2. The I heart SLC blog is awesome! Thanks for the tips!


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