Monday, June 11, 2012

InstaLove from the Weekend + Lonny

It took us a good four days for our legs to start working again after last weekend so this weekend was a little more low key! We did manage to make it to Orem Days with some friends. We stayed away from the overpriced games & sketchy carnival rides but found some prime concrete in time to watch the parade and fireworks! I love small town parades. So much character. 

In other news, the new Lonny is out. I noticed a lot of monochromatic color schemes going on. These two images caught my eye in particular.

I used to be a total black and white girl. Color scared me too much!
Even though I am color's #1 fan now, I still love the elegance and class that monochromatic {especially black and white} rooms provide.

--images via Lonny

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  1. I'm going to check out Lonny. Those images are great! I love the color pallets. :)


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