Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Your Style is Modern Contemporary

Thanks for all of your suggestions on my last post. It helps a ton. I'm excited for the changes that will be taking place and hopefully you'll love 'em too! 

A while back I randomly took one of those little quizzes that supposedly {within 10 questions} can tell you exactly who you are, where you should live, what kind of dog fits your family, what type of cheese you should know what I'm talking about. Annnnyways, I did one called "what's your style" and, well, it almost hit the nail on the head.

{case & point}

"...and your friends can't understand why you yearn for that pricey Lucite chair." 

I am in love with my two new dining chairs that I found at a random thrift store in SLC. Remember way back when I said I bought this table and asked your opinion about the idea of mixing your dining chairs? Well, I'm still sticking with that's just taking me forever. Two down. Four to go. The curse of an indecisive perfectionist. 

1 comment:

  1. THis is my FAVORITE look! I covet those chairs.... which thrift store was it at in slc?


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