Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thousands of Miles Away

We found ourselves in southeast Asia for the last 10 days. 
It was adventurous. It was beautiful. It was serene. 

{Phang Nga Bay, Thailand}

I won't plaster this blog with pictures from the trip, but I did want to show you something I brought home.

I'm usually not a big souvenir girl {the pictures are the most priceless treasure for me}, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring a custom oil painting home. We found the artist while in Phuket and mixed a few of his designs in colors of our choice. We chose all white {typical us} which surprised him but it turned out so amazing. 

Getting it home was another story considering we'd only brought one backpack each. We built our own frame and stretched the huge piece of canvas yesterday. It was no easy task but so worth it. 

The jetlag is kickin' me in the rear though so I'll be back in a bit.


  1. I love that! So pretty and intricate! Did you guys do the elephant sanctuary in Chang Mai?

    1. Thanks! We went trekking one day and part of it was riding elephants through some dense jungle! It was so amazing!!

  2. Yay, pictures! I'm so excited to see your adventures and I'm glad you made it home safe! <3


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