Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Friday + Christmas Trees

What holiday festivities will you get yourself into this weekend? The Festival of Trees is happening in Utah. I've missed it every year so I'm determined to make it this weekend. Pretty sure I'll come home scheming how to fit a 12 foot tree into my basement apartment next year. Totally plausible, right? 

P.s. Remind me to tell you about the hubs and I cutting down our very first Christmas tree -- like full-on  me and him out in the woods chopping down a tree. I'm sure any bystander [human or animal] got a chuckle out of watching us try and toss the tree on top of the car. 

P.p.s. What is with the 1GB limit on blogger. Just annoyed right now. 

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  1. 1 gb thing...just use a new email address. Like your husbands or something and you have a whole new 1 gb.

  2. I discovered that 1GB limit, too. And I pay blogger for a domain name.


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