Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On Anniversaries

Two years ago my guy and I were wedded in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple. The snow held off, we were both healthy, and my dress fit [phew!]. The day was perfect. 

We devoted a big part of our wedding budget to our honeymoon in Paris [and a day with a photog in Paris too]. We think a little larger than life crazy sometimes but, really, you should too! Life gets exciting when you do. 

Our anniversary was coming up fast and we were trying to decide what to do. We're still pretty new in this marriage thing so traditions are in the making. We agreed on a new tradition surrounding our anniversary -- we would trade off planning. 

[i love this picture outside of a creperie in montmartre]

I had the day all planned out to a T. I was going to bring France to our little corner of Salt Lake City. We're talking French music, French pastries, French crepes, and decor that even Versailles would be jealous of [at least it looked that good in my mind]. I woke up the day of with WWIII in my stomach. I was so ill and seriously disappointed that I couldn't make our basement dwelling look like Versailles. 

He wasn't feeling great either and though nothing went according to plan we actually had a fun day just taking care of each other. We did make it to the park for a stroll with all of the endearing couples who have been married for 50+ years then to the dollar theatre for a distraction from our symptoms. I had to chuckle when I looked around and saw only silver hair in the occupied seats. It was 11:30 AM on a Monday after all. 

We wondered if that would be us in 50 years -- whispering to each other in a completely audible volume because we can't hear each other anymore. We hope so. 

Turns out the day wasn't a total bust [despite the obvious] because we got to just be together and exchange sweet nothings between our sips of ginger ale.  

[looks like me and the bird lady from home alone have something in common]

A few days later I finally got around to making those crepes! I am far from a culinary expert but I can make a mean crepe. We even listened to the French playlist I made and looked through pictures from our days in Paris. The pastries didn't fare so well and were stale by the time we wanted to eat them. So sad. 

So, you married folks, what do you do for anniversaries? Traditions? Take turns planning? I've only got 2 years to plan for the next one! Let's hear some ideas!

-- all photos belong to Third Floor Design Studio 

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  1. Hmm..let's see. Our first anniversay was during finals week, and this year Derek worked a 16 hour shift at the hospital. HA HA. So maybe I should be taking lessons from YOU!?!


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