Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thank You.

Today as I was running like a mad woman around town [along with every other person] it happened for the millionth time. Someone decided they needed to be in my lane, like right now. Oh, and apparently using turn signals is not cool anymore. And he didn't even give a courtesy wave! Let's bring that dying art back. A little 'thank you' wave can go a long way. 

And while we're at it, say a little thank you to your love, your best friend, your parents, or the mailman. Heck say a little thank you to those fuzzy slippers, or to those jeans that never let you down, or to the milk carton for having just enough left for your morning captain crunch granola. Why not? These two words just aren't said enough in this world. 

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In other news, my blog will be going through a few changes in the next couple of weeks so keep a look out!


  1. I definitely feel you on overly aggressive drivers and the need for more thank yous. What a lovely post!

  2. Thank you Kimberly for your sweet reminder about giving thanks, for big moments as well as common daily occurrences, for the expected and unexpected, for thanking others and keeping ourselves thankful. I wonder, with Thanksgiving approaching, how many truly give thanks that day or has it all morphed to being about a specific meal, football, and scoring great deals the day after?


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