Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Few Thoughts

There's just something so peaceful about little white lights. I had them strewn ALL up in this basement bungalow but as we took down the christmas decorations this week I had to keep just one strand still in place. Plus the apartment just feels so barren after taking down the tree and decor! 

On a different note, I'm sitting here in the early AM finishing up the last touches on this blog's new look! Why is it that I always catch that second wind right around, oh, 11PM? Sleep Shmeep. Anyways. What do you think? My style is definitely evolving. I've talked about it a million times on this here blog, I know! I know! Changing the blog up is a big deal to me -- it's your first impression of me. Talk about pressure! But I've always been drawn towards a more clean contemporary design so these big, but simple looking, changes I've made are going to fit me well. 

For the past few months I [and what seems like every blogger] have been going through some growing pains with their blog. I've taken a bazillion years to figure out what direction I'm headed but I have my vision and I'm moving towards it! With the introduction of Pinterest [my second love], blogs aren't just a place to see pretty pictures. They're a place to come and learn and be inspired all while getting to know the person behind the screen [something Pinterest can't offer]. I've pretty much kept things strictly design around here, but I think that's one area that needs to change. I've been wrestling with how to do that without this blog just turning into a family slideshow. So please don't give up on me as I work these new ideas in! The design will always be first. Then the designer.  

Please do share your thoughts with me! 

photo: property of third floor design studio


  1. Simple yet stylish, clean, fresh ... great new look on the blog and for you.

  2. reminds me a lot of rockstar diaries new look. just a thought! love the clean and simple and love your glasses!

  3. Love the new look. Very, classic. And, excited to see how you are going to incorporate both life and design! :) :)


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