Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Monday is the New Friday

Every time I hit up the local Walgreens I am smitten with this little [actually big] coffee/juice/flower all-in-one shop across the street, but never venture in. Until the man & I did. On a Monday. Because Monday's are the new Fridays. And date nights are alright.  


[he's alright too!]

[the flower shop]

As much as this girl loves adventuring, a good long talk over hot cocoa is healing to the bones. The loft was empty so we found ourselves a corner. I burned my tongue on the first sip. Seriously. With the amount of hot cocoa I consume... 

We just sat there chatting. Talking about our embarrassing moments of the day, the huge icicles hanging outside the window, how many hours of sleep we wish we could get, our future dogs name -- all with a healthy dose of laughable movie quotes in between. Typical. About that....why do I remember movie quotes better than historical facts?

And don't mind the fact that I look like I threw a coat over the six layers of leggings & sweatshirts I was wearing because, well, that's exactly what I did.

photos: property of third floor design studio

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