Wednesday, January 2, 2013


So, who's broken their new year's resolutions already? Pretty sure those chocolates I had for breakfast aren't included in my "eat healthier" goal. I'll start tomorrow.

At the last minute we decided to have a few friends from the neighborhood over for a little NYE bash. Being the girl I am, I can't just let even the smallest of parties go without some pretty details. Yes, I have a problem. I ran around our little basement dwelling pulling together a few things I already had [read: I didn't want to spend any money]. I found feathers, candles, christmas lights, gold ornaments from our dear juniper christmas tree, and black napkins. I grabbed some party wear and noise makers JUST in case we all actually stayed awake to ring in the new year! 

On the menu were mocktails [no alcohol here folks!], edamame, and bacon wrapped sausage [my mother-in-law introduced me to these and they.are.addicting]. 

I wanted the table to sparkle and I think the glitter, christmas lights, and candles were just the trick. 

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Back to those resolutions...
Eating healthier will be a never-ending goal for this girl [wait, chocolate ISN'T a major food group?!]. But I'd also like to do a few more things in 2013:

- Photograph several of the projects I'm finishing up
- Keep up with the blog
- Finish my website [!!!] I'm this close
- Live every day with intention [channeling my inner Jess Lively -- she is so inspiring]

Happy New Year!!

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