Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weekly Tip: Recycled Canvas + Triangles

Triangles may, just may, be replacing chevron in my book. Not sure that's possible but they certainly have taken my heart! Remember this canvas?

It needed a makeover. Stat. 

The hardest part was repainting the canvas white which took one too many coats of paint, but once I finished that the project took like 30 minutes. Easy. 

[maybe there are triangle sponges that exist...but i just took a pair of scissors, grabbed an un-used sponge laying around, and cut it down to the shape i wanted]

Love the last minute gold + neon pink touches! 
What projects are you recycling in your home? 


  1. love it!! love anything with a touch of gold!! i just might have to do something like this for the bare walls in our living room.

  2. AHHH! This looks so good! I really like it. Hmmm....I may have a canvas laying around here somewhere.


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