Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow for Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

Apparently our neighborhood did something wrong [or right depending which way you look at it -- I prefer the latter] because we got royally dumped on this weekend by the snow clouds. We're talking 18+ inches while the rest of UT got a pretty dusting. 

I love it. I refuse to drive in it, but I love it.

The spouse, on the other hand, loves the challenge of driving through the mess it makes of roads. Hello man vs. woman mentality. So we set out to meet up with some friends for dinner...and I held my breath the whole way. 

Lone Star Taqueria was the restaurant of choice. My first time and I'd go again. Also, if you are a ski bum, there must be something secret about this place because lots of your friends were showing up. Our friends are moving, yes moving, to Costa Rica. Talk about a dream. My husband served a mission for our church there for two years so we chatted over our tacos, beans, and rice about all of the amazing adventures ahead of them [and practically booked our flights to go visit them]. The irony of talking about their soon-to-be life of beaches, sun, and tans as snowmageddon raged outside was too good.

  Since apparently I hadn't seen enough of the snow yet, I grabbed some girlfriends to go on a hike....

[oh, hey SLC]

[this guy has the right idea #tripod]

The weekend wrapped up with a birthday celebration and wishes made as we released Chinese Wishing Lanterns high into the sky. I'm thinking this needs to be a birthday tradition for this girl too. Pretty sure the colder the night the more guaranteed we are of those wishes coming true, right? How does 7 degrees sound? 

I thought a lot about our friends and their big move over the weekend. They're a great example of actually living their dreams, not just talking about them. Hubs and I have talked more times than I can count about living abroad. We've talked about the sacrifices that would have to be made. We've talked about the experiences we would gain. We've talked about our dream destination. We've talked about raising a family internationally. It's always that thought nagging us in the back of our minds. When it comes down to it, we are all in control of our lives. When it comes to our dreams and goals, whatever they may be, either take a step towards them or just sit and keep wishing. It's totally up to us. Maybe one day I'll be blogging to you from Paris... and my view will go from this: this.

[paris 2010]

Happy Monday!

photos: property of third floor design studio


  1. Nice post Kim! Yes, we are totally in control of our lives. But, there is a time and a season. I so look forward to following your blog long term to see where you end up and what a fun life you already do and will lead! Thanks for dinner, and thanks for helping to dig our car out.. :)

  2. Um, Hi! Just thought I would tell you I love your blog :) And you're super cute. And I miss you. That is all :)

    1. Oh Em! I miss you!! I check in on your cute family blog and it looks like you're crafting up a storm! Love it!!

  3. Lone Star is one of our favorites! And about two miles from where I grew up!

  4. Those are beautiful pictures. I always enjoy a good snowfall. You are right that we can do whatever we dream, but there is always a tradeoff.

  5. Ahh! Don't you love it! It's magical:)


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