Thursday, January 24, 2013

Weekly Tip: DIY Valentine's Envelope & Card

We have a little tradition in this house of writing notes and leaving them around to find. I love finding them in my coat pockets, sock drawer, on the back of frames [<-- that one took a few months]... Usually it's on sticky notes or whatever scratch paper we can find. Valentine's Day has been no exception. Hub's can write the sappiest of notes with the best of them! 

Although he did give me this card a couple years ago. I absolutely loved it. If you know him you'd know how completely appropriate this was. #heisobsessed

Anywaaaays. I decided to spice up our notes a little this year. I found a tutorial here for how to fold a piece of paper into an envelope. An 8.5x11 piece did the trick. A few pieces of card stock cut to size, stickers, tape, glitter and glue and you've got the darling-est handmade valentine.  I think I have the best hiding spot for his this year! 

I promise my current obsession with gold glitter is healthy.

photos: property of third floor design studio

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